battle of ideas

A battle of ideas isn’t won in the blogosphere or by posting magic bullet quotes or links on Facebook. How many times have you read a disagreeable article or post that actually made you think, “Hmmm, I don’t agree with this, but maybe I’m wrong”. You may even be the type of person who engages in online discourse, arguing your points on message boards and comment sections, defending your position…but to what end? Usually, the only thing proven is your ability to argue, and that your intellect is slightly greater than someone whose handle is LAKERFAN69. And in an arena with no code of ethics, honor, or consequences, the usual end is name-calling, sarcasm, etc.

We don’t live in virtual neighborhoods. We are co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family. If you have ideas about how things “ought to be” or how people should live, have the guts to share those ideas with the people you can’t avoid or hide from behind your computer. If you can look into their eyes and share your ideas with compassion…then maybe you’ve got an idea worth having.

 Yes, this note is a reminder to myself…and yes, I realize the irony in publishing this online.

P.S. – I hate the Lakers.

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