a bird in the hand…

I watched Silver Linings Playbook two nights ago with my wife. It had some heavy subject matters; mental illness, divorce, death, depression, OCD, domestic violence…and despite all this, it was whimsical, hilarious, and immediately earned a spot in the pantheon of great romantic comedies.

I don’t intend to review the film (although I may at some point), but it made me think about writing and the purpose of my blog. In the grand scheme, I don’t expect this blog to matter much to people outside of family, friends, and myself. If this is truly the purpose (connecting with family and friends, and personal catharsis), then I want the subtext to accurately represent my character. I think I’m failing to do that.

As I look through previous posts, I don’t think anything I’ve written is out of character, but it seems I mostly write about big, deep, complex, heavy things. I feel like I have to outdo myself every time…going deeper, more insightful, etc. Here’s a few examples of my recent articles that were 50% written but then given up on because I was too frustrated, perplexed, or overwhelmed with the subject matter:

  • Think Before You Publish: How to lose friends and look like an idiot in one easy step.
  • Why the media is making a big deal about gay athletes.
  • Mumford And Sons is the new Rage Against The Machine. (I might finish that one).
  • How singing competitions have caused us to become a judgmental bigoted society.

If this blog is sincerely to be about Sprung Rhythms or re-learning rhythms of life, then I’d do well to jot down the small things too: the stuff that seems inconsequential but actually matters most. It’s the stuff that’s real…not ideals, hypotheticals, or intangibles.  Here’s a few ideas of things you might see on the blog in the near future:

  • My “Pantheon” lists of great movies
  • Local music and art in Spokane
  • Daniel’s movies (The Banana Bandit series, and new projects).
  • Eating ice cream
  • Birdwatching
  • Stuff about my kids (which may annoy you because they’re so damn smart and cute.)

I want my family and friends to know about the real stuff I love and enjoy….and who knows, maybe I’ll start really loving and enjoying things more myself.



  1. christabel

    I’m excited for your new adventure in writing about rhythms of life. Every post prior to, and I’m sure after this, has always been captivating and delightful. Whatever you have to say, I’d love to read–just because you wrote it. Your thoughts are important and precious no matter how deep or whimsical they are! Not just that, but your thoughts have power and meaning…which means they carry the potential to change our hearts. Crazy. Thanks for your thoughts, Nick!

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