time is on my side

I would like to solicit your ideas and feedback regarding a newly acquired surplus of time. This week, I changed locations for my place of employment. Details aside, my total daily commute went from about 90 minutes to 20 minutes. That’s 70 extra minutes! I did some rough calculating, subtracted weekends, holidays, vacation days, average sick days, and came up with a number for the additional time I will have this year.  I just gained 11 days, 17 hours, 10 minutes, and 12 seconds!the_persistence_of_memory_-_1931_salvador_dali3

I must now decide how I will spend this wealth of moments. A friend of mine asked, “Why do you even need to decide? You can just sleep more.” This is exactly my point in being intentional with this specific amount of time. I could just sleep more. I could just watch 2 additional re-runs of The Simpsons daily. I could just take time for granted. I don’t want to do any of these things….but I will. Unless, I make some plans and steward this time with care. That’s where I would like your help.

I wrote down some ideas. I want you to tell me your favorite (or least favorite) ideas, expand on them, and offer others that I haven’t imagined. All thoughts are appreciated!  Here’s my initial list of potential doings in no particular order:

  • Pay it forward. Give my wife extra time for herself.
  • Make loads of rubber band bracelets with my daughter.
  • Watch only 1 re-run of The Simpsons.
  • Edit and chop the Star Wars prequels down to one 50 minute film, and call it episode 5 ½ . To be viewed as a flash back at the end of TESB and before ROTJ. Read this for further explanation.
  • Exercise a bunch and get super ripped!
  • Sleep.
  • Learn some sweet cover songs on the guitar and play them at open mic nights. Any song suggestions?
  • Make silly movies with my son. Like this, this, and this.
  • Read those classic works of literature that all my smart friends talk about.
  • Become a regular at a coffee shop.
  • Start drinking coffee regularly.
  • Join my neighborhood council.
  • Buy a fixer-upper 70’s Camaro and put it my garage.
  • Learn how to work on old cars.
  • Grow a huge tomato garden, and give all my friends and family awesome tomato sauce.
  • Invent a diet fad and license the publishing rights.
  • ?????

One comment

  1. Justin Hymas

    So many great options! How will you choose?! Personally I would go with growing tomatoes and reading. In fact, that is exactly what I will be doing with my extra time. Here’s the reason: growing tomatoes gives you time to enjoy being with your family and something to give to your friends; reading gives you time to be alone and reflect. Great balance! If I could sing I would also want to do the cover song thing.

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