good intentions

My last post was in October 2016. It is now January 2019. I’m not aware of any of my friends or acquaintances that have or use a blog. But here I am with one…and I think I will continue using it. I hope.

I thought about why I would even want to continue maintaining this site. I don’t have any number of subscribers of which to speak. I costs a little bit of money to renew it every year. Nonetheless, I have two compelling reasons to keep at it. 1) I tend to be feel healthier when I write regularly. and 2) I want something for my family to have if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, or next year.

That idea of leaving a legacy or body of work has been on my mind since the New Year. I spent some time thinking about my parents and how much I miss them. I have a few keepsakes and photos, but the most interesting and precious things are the writings they left behind. It’s a way for me to hear them speak. A way to remember their voices.

With the current state of technology, I’m sure there will be plenty of photos, videos, and Facebook stuff that my family will be able to view. But I want to keep this thing going, for whatever it’s worth.

So, my intention is to write things that are worthwhile to my friends and family who care to know what I think about things. I think that’s enough motivation to write more than once every two years. I hope.

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