riding the snake

It’s been a year of good intentions, but not many expectations met. That’s ok. Things have happened, and I’ve had to reorient myself and my goals. One of the more recent developments that I felt compelled to share here is that I’ve decided to go on an intense diet. It’s a bit unflattering, but I’m not certain that anyone reads this blog, so I suppose I can swallow my pride. Most people that I work with would say that I’m not overweight, but the fact is that I hide it pretty well. I’ve been hovering around 200 lbs for a long time. Considering that I weighed around 145 lbs when I got married, I notice the difference more than anyone, except for maybe my wife.

The weight is actually a big deal for me. I had knee surgery 2 years ago, and recovery has been complicated and less than ideal. I have a plica in my knee that has continually been aggravated and causing instability. This has been extremely frustrating for me as it has limited my ability to compete and participate in my table tennis hobby. Surgery is possible to remove the plica, but it’s not an easy surgery and I consider it a last resort.

They say for every one pound you lose, you remove 4 pounds of pressure off your knee joint. I weighed my self this morning and my starting weight for the diet is 191.5 lbs. My goal weight by the end of 2019 is 160 lbs. If I meet this goal, it will effectively relieve my knee of 126 lbs of pressure. I’m hoping this result will relieve the plica aggravation in my knee and allow me to avoid further surgery.

Blogging about it, I hope, will keep me focused and accountable. I’m not good at following through with things like this, but I have a good plan and I have good support at home. I’ll plan to update the blog a few times over the next couple months, and then again 60 days from now when I’m done with the diet.

Here’s my current measurements:

Chest: 42″
Waist: 38″
Hips: 41″
Arms: 15″
Thighs: 25″

And here are those flattering photos:

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