four weeks of diet

As of today, I’ve completed four weeks of my sixty day diet. I’m down twenty five pounds. I feel more alert and energized than I have since I can remember. I’m considerably more productive at work and at home. I feel happier. The list goes on. But……I still miss food.

That being said, we’ve actually come up with some tolerable diet meals that I would continue to eat even after the diet is over. My homemade ceviche is fantastic. The tomato sauce that Drew made from fresh tomatoes is going to be our new staple. And I actually kinda like turkey burgers.

It seems plausible at this point, that we could seriously change our lifestyle with healthier eating habits. Drew isn’t even on the diet and she is losing weight simply because we are making better choices as a family. It’s really encouraging. I’ll share more in a couple of weeks…we’ve got a busy day today of Christmas tree hunting and bake sales and visiting Grandma.

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