It’s a strange feeling, for me, to be awake at 5:30am on a Saturday, let alone to be doing something productive. Perhaps this is what conscientious people do. Perhaps this is what people with high anxiety do. Maybe there’s a lot of overlap between conscientiousness and high anxiety. Maybe this is just what happens when you take care of your body; you sleep better, and you have energy when you wake up, etc. I’ve never been one to dive deep into the minute details of how things work. I just want to know that the things work and squeeze all I can out of those things.

That’s more or less how it has been going with my diet. I really don’t “know” how it works, but I know it works. I can explain things to friends that ask “how did you lose so much weight?”. I can use a few of the fancy words like ketosis and glycogen. But I don’t really know what I’m talking about when it comes to the science. I’m not really sure some of the experts do either…or the folks in the weight loss industry trying to sell you the next fitness of diet phenomena. They just know that it works and they know a few of the fancy words and terms to make it sound impressive and cutting edge.

Today marks the end of Phase 2 of my diet, aka the reduction phase. For the past 40 days, I’ve been eating only lean proteins and low starch green vegetables. I’ve been eating other stuff too, like tomatoes and berries, but it has been very limited. And, I only eat twice a day. That’s called intermittent fasting…another fancy word diet term that basically just means that I skip breakfast. But it works. I’ve lost a total of 36 pounds in 40 days. Pretty remarkable. More importantly, my energy is up, my ability to focus at work and at home is better, and my knee has definitely improved from the lighter load. Success!

Ah, but success now needs to be measured across time. None of this matters if I just balloon right back up to where I was when I started. Luckily, this diet claims to have a plan for that. Phase 3, the maintenance phase. I start taking a new supplement today, and I stop taking my other diet supplements. The new supplement appears to be some sort of coffee extract which allegedly resets my metabolism and puts me back in a “normal” state over the next twenty days. After that, the diet plan is done. But what about the diet after the diet. Technically, everyone is on a diet. It’s just either a good or a bad one. That’s where I’m at right now…wondering and thinking through “what does the long term look like?” Honestly, I’m a little nervous about it. What if I can’t keep the weight off? What if my knee still has problems? These are legit concerns. But mostly, I’m incredibly optimistic. I’ve proven a lot to myself over the past six weeks. Even if I don’t know all the minute details of how maintaining this is going to work, I know if it’s possible, then I can do it…and that’s what matters to me.

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